Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

At the DiMera mansion, Chad went to check something. He found a flashlight and saw Rolf. Chad told Rolf to leave. Rolf wanted the microchip that had Stefano’s essence. When Chad wouldn’t give him what he wanted, he pulled a gun out on him. Chad said he didn’t have the microchip because he and Tony burned the microchip. Rolf was upset. Chad told him Stefano was gone. Chad said Rolf couldn’t bring him back. Rolf told him that he had to avenge Stefano’s death if he was gone. Rolf put the gun on Chad again. Gwen went to talk to Abby. They talked about Jake and Chad’s feud. They also talked about Jake thinking Gwen had a reason for planning the party for Jack and Jennifer. Abby said she appreciated her help. Gwen looked forward to the party. Gwen wondered if Jake would be invited to the party. Abby hoped Chad would get along with Jake. Abby confided in her that Chad had trouble fitting in with the DiMeras when he found out he was one. Abby didn’t really think Chad getting along with Stefano was a good thing because he was everything Stefano wasn’t.

Lani didn’t understand why Kristen confessed to stabbing Victor. Eli was about to say something to her when she got a call. Shawn called her to tell her about the prison break. Marlena was shocked to see Orpheus in her living room. She told him John was home. Orpheus knew John wasn’t in any condition to help her. She said he was a fool to underestimate John. She said he would be there right away if she called him. Orpheus told her to let John sleep so they could spend time together. Orpheus told Marlena that he was the reason for the blackout. She wanted to know why he did it. He said he needed her help. She said she wasn’t going to help him. He threatened to go after John if she didn’t do it. Marlena agreed to help him. Orpheus took Marlena out of the house. Ben was shocked to see Clyde at his door. Clyde told him about the breakout and how it was Orpheus’ idea to do it. Ben called Marlena to warn her about Orpheus. Clyde wanted to know why he cared so much about Marlena. Ben said Marlena gave him his life back and that was how he was able to be with Ciara. Ben talked about his love for Ciara. Clyde told him he was sorry for his loss. Ben was doubtful of Clyde’s sincerity. Clyde told him he wished he could be at the memorial. Ben said he probably wasn’t going. Clyde wanted to know what else he had to do. Ben said he wanted to honor her in his own way. Clyde knew he was out for revenge. Ben wanted to make Vincent pay for what he did. Eli showed up at his room.

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