Days Short Recaps Thursday, October 22, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Rolf was ready to kill Chad for burning up Stefano’s essence. Chad tried to convince him not to do it. Chad fought him over the gun and took it from him. Gwen walked in the room and wanted to know what happened. He told her about Rolf and wanted her to call the police. She made excuses to get out of calling the police. He wanted to tie Rolf up so he left her alone with him. Belle surprised John and wondered where Marlena was. He told her how she was with a patient. Eli went to Ben’s place to find out about Clyde. Clyde hid in the bathroom so Eli wouldn’t see him. Ben told Eli to search the place if he didn’t believe he was jumpy because of the blackout. Belle wanted to know what happened to John’s hand, but he was more concerned about her. He knew something was bothering her. Eli decided not to check Ben’s room after all. He noticed Ciara’s picture and figured Ben was struggling. He said he would see Ben at the memorial. Rolf was happy to see Gwen and noticed he took his advice. He saw how she was able to get Chad to trust her. Rolf wanted her to help him and he would help her. She wanted to know how she could help him. He warned her that he would tell Chad the truth about her unless she helped him escape.

Belle talked to John about what’s going on with Jan. John understood because of everything she put her through. He said she had Shawn, but she told him how he wasn’t happy with her. She also told him how Jan’s trying to get close to Claire. Chad told Abby how Rolf was at the mansion. She wanted to know what he wanted. He didn’t know, but he wanted to make sure he went back to prison. She called Rolf’s bluff and told him to tell Chad because he wouldn’t believe her. Belle continued to talk to John about Jan trying to get to Claire. She blamed herself and Shawn for why Claire needed help. John tried to make her feel better about Claire. Ben told Clyde he wasn’t safe just because he didn’t tell Eli about him. Clyde asked him if he wanted to go with him. Gwen was on the floor when Chad and Lani saw her. Lani wanted to know what happened with Rolf. Gwen apologized for Rolf getting away. She said he attacked her before he got away. Lani left and Chad questioned how Rolf got out of the ropes. She said he used a letter opener. Chad questioned that reason. He picked up the rope and asked her how she didn’t see Rolf cutting through the rope. Abby walked in and asked if Rolf was arrested. Ben was surprised Clyde wanted him to go with him. Clyde reminded him how he was his only family so he should go with him.

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