Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, October 21, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Chance tells Abby that even though the police inquiry into what happened in Vegas was very long, he thinks there is a good possibility that he will get the job at the police department. Billy sees Faith at the park alone with an older girl and calls Nick to let him know. Nick doesn’t answer his phone so Billy heads to Crimson Lights to tell Mariah. Mariah calls Nick and tells him Faith is at Chancellor Park with an older girl. Nick brings Faith to Crimson Lights where both Mariah and Nick give her a lecture about never sneaking out of the house without permission. Faith promises she won’t sneak out again and Nick agrees not to tell Sharon about the incident. Nate gets a deep cut on his hand because his hand hit some glass when he fell after Devon punched him in the face. A tearful Elena begs Devon to forgive her and says she will do anything to fix their relationship. Devon asks Elena to sleep in the guest room and pack her things in the morning because he doesn’t want her living in the house anymore.

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