Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Jack talks to Traci and tells her what Victor told him about Dina’s. emerald necklace. Jack later talks to Lauren and tells her that the necklace was bought by a dummy cooperation owned by her father. Lauren tells Jack that when her father died he left her a lot of jewelry and she promises to look and see if she has the necklace and get in touch with him as soon as she has any news. Kyle and Summer are having a great time in Chicago, but they have second thoughts about eloping. Chelsea tells Adam that several advertisers and influencers have decided not to help in the launch of her new clothing line because of the article about him. Adam tells Chelsea that his and Victor’s lawsuits against Chancellor Communications were dismissed in court. Victoria turns down a deal proposed by Phyllis to make the Grand Phoenix the exclusive hotel for all Newman Enterprises clients just because she doesn’t want to do business with her. Lily tells Devon she was hurt that she found out about Amanda being Hilary’s sister from Billy. Nikki is worried that the Adam situation is affecting Victor’s health and also that he and Victoria will not reconcile this time. Lauren gets a text telling her that Chloe gave birth to a healthy baby boy, so she has to leave her meeting with Jack. Sumer and Kyle send an e-mail to their parents telling them that they are going to elope. Phyllis and Nick get into an argument about his lack of support for Summer and then Phyllis calls Jack and they both wonder what they are going to do about their impulsive children. Adam and Chelsea argue because she thinks they should come up with a plan to handle Billy together, but Adam thinks that Chelsea doesn’t think that he can do what is needed to protect their family. Billy promises Lily that he will not make any decision about Chancellor Communications without her input because their partnership means a lot to him.

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