Days Short Recap Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Tripp went to see Allie to confront her about the rape charge. He denied doing anything to her. She remembered what he did, but he told her how she was too drunk to remember anything. Justin talked to Steve about Tripp being accused of rape. Steve couldn’t believe Tripp did anything like that. Justin told him how he tried to get more details, but Tripp left. Nicole was at the hospital and ran into Kayla. They talked about Tripp and Allie knowing each other before. Nicole told her how he raped Allie. Tripp continued to tell Allie how he didn’t do anything with her. She said she got pregnant because of him. She remembered him being on top of her and she told him no. Nicole told Kayla about Allie’s accusations. Kayla wanted more details, but Henry started crying. Steve said he knew Tripp and he didn’t rape Allie. Justin told him how the police were involved. Philip told Victor what Xander did to him so he fired him. Xander couldn’t believe he fired him. Victor told him not to deal with a maniac like Jan. Jan showed up at the Kiriakis mansion. Xander warned Philip he was going to regret what he did to him. Steve went to see Kayla. He wanted to know if she saw Tripp. Tripp tried to get through to her, but she wouldn’t listen. She threatened to go to the police so they fought over the phone. Nicole showed up demanding to know why he was in the apartment.

Jan tried to tell Victor how Xander tried to stop her from going after Philip. He didn’t believe her, but she had proof. Philip goaded Xander about being fired. He implied that Philip might get killed. Tripp told Nicole that Henry wasn’t his baby. Nicole asked Allie to take the baby to the other room. Tripp told Nicole he didn’t have sex with Allie. Steve talked to Kayla about Allie’s accusations against Tripp. Kayla said how Nicole had a different story. Steve wondered if Nicole was pushing Allie to say those things. He looked at her expression and wondered if she believed Tripp raped Allie. Jan played Victor the proof Xander didn’t want her to go to the police. She warned him to watch out for Philip. Kayla basically implied that Tripp could have misinterpreted what happened with Allie. They talked about how Tripp threatened her. She told him how Tripp admitted to framing Ben for setting the fire at the cabin. Tripp continued to deny the allegation. He told Nicole his side of the story. Allie said she told the truth, but Tripp denied it. He got upset so Nicole ordered him to leave. Xander confronted Victor about firing him. He said he was loyal to him, but he refused to go back to being a lackey. Steve said he was hurt that Kayla could consider that Tripp could rape Allie. Allie didn’t seem sure about Tripp being the rapist so Nicole asked her if he did it. Victor decided to give Xander another chance after talking to Jan. Philip was on the phone telling the person Xander was fired so no one would stand in their way for their plans with Titan.

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