Days Short Recap Tuesday, October 6, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen thought Brady was at the door and saw Eli. Lani told Tripp there were some allegations against him. Claire saw Allie crying and thought she knew about Ciara being killed. She was shocked about Ciara. Claire wanted to know why she was crying. Eli told Kristen about Melinda wanting to go after Lani. Kristen apologized for getting Lani involved. He didn’t care. He wanted to know what he was going to do to help Lani. Lani wanted Tripp to go to the station with her to tell his side of the story. Steve was upset, but Tripp was willing to go because he didn’t do anything wrong. Allie told Claire how she was raped. Philip wondered if Xander was the one who talked Jan into having him arrested. Xander admitted that he might have suggested she go to the police. They were about to come to blows when Xander knocked coffee on the new intern Charlie. Kristen didn’t want to get Lani to get in trouble. She was going to do what she could to keep her out of it. Lani let Tripp that Allie accused him of rape. Allie told Claire how Tripp raped her.

Steve saw Justin talking with Bonnie and got upset. Justin wanted him to calm down. Steve let him know what happened with Tripp. Tripp told Lani his side of what happened with Allie. Lani told him how Allie remembered what he did to her. Claire was shocked to hear Allie’s allegation. Allie told her how Tripp took advantage of her while she was drunk. Allie wanted to know if Claire thought Tripp was capable of rape. Eli wanted Kristen to tell her role in what happened to Victor. Kristen told him how Victor got away with what he did, but she didn’t want Lani to be punished for what she did. She asked him if she could have some time alone. He left her room and checked to make sure his phone recorded her confessing to what she did to Victor. Steve put Bonnie on notice for what happened to Adrienne. She let him know how she donated money for Adrienne’s charity. Justin showed up to represent Tripp. He wanted Lani out so he could talk to Tripp. Allie wanted to know how Tripp was when Claire was with him. She said he wasn’t rough with her. She told her how Tripp framed Ben for what he did. She felt bad for telling her. Allie reminded her how Tripp raped her. Claire told her how he was when he first came to Salem. Tripp told Justin nothing happened with Allie. He wanted to leave. Eli was listening to Kristen’s confession when Lani came home. He lied to her about Melinda going after her.

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