Y&R Recap Monday October 5, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Elena and Nate had sex at the clinic. They agreed to pretend it never happened. Nick came to the clinic to drop off supplies and saw that Nate was shirtless, and Elena rushed out without saying a word to him. As an explanation, Nate said he and Elena had a rough night because a kid they knew overdosed. Nick offered a listening ear, but Nate wanted to be alone. Devon and Amanda talked about Hilary. He realized that while Hilary and Amanda had things in common, they were very different people. Devon went home and found Elena upset. She blamed it on a stressful work day. She got annoyed with him for spending so much time with Amanda. He told her about his realization regarding Hilary and Amanda, and he assured Elena that she was the only person he loved. Nate went out to drink, and he didn’t take Amanda’s phone calls. Kevin entertained Chloe, who was uncomfortable at this late stage in her pregnancy. Esther provided reassurance to Kevin and Chloe. Chloe went into labor.

Mariah felt unequipped to help Faith, who was struggling with the online trolling on Adam’s article and with Sharon’s surgery tomorrow. Mariah called Nick. Faith told Nick she felt like Adam was a cancer who should be cut out of the family. He said it wasn’t that easy, just as it wasn’t easy for her to ignore the online comments. Faith tried to stay positive and believe Sharon’s surgery would be successful. Nick admitted to Mariah he wasn’t sure if Faith was actually okay or just pretending to be. Mariah worried she’d betrayed Faith’s confidence when she called Nick. Nick didn’t think Faith would hold a grudge. Faith thanked Mariah. Rey helped Sharon pack for her surgical appointment tomorrow. She asked him to move back in, and he said yes. Sharon felt self-conscious about the scars the surgery would leave. Rey assured her that he wouldn’t love her any less. Nick dropped Faith off at home. She looked in through the window and saw Sharon crying. Instead of going inside, Faith left.

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