Days Short Recap Friday, October 2, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani gave Melinda the footage she wanted to see. Eli wanted to know if she erased it. Allie was about to leave, but Nicole wanted to finish talking about how she got pregnant. She said she had a one-night stand and got pregnant. She didn’t think it was important. She said it was over, but Nicole wondered if it really was over. Melinda wanted to watch the footage. Nicole continued to talk to Allie about Tripp. Allie was sure she would get over it. Steve talked to Kayla about Tripp knowing Allie. Hope brought Vincent to the station. Ben showed up and threatened to kill him if he didn’t tell them where to find Ciara. Eli wanted Ben and Hope to leave so they didn’t jeopardize the case. Melinda wanted to talk to Eli about why she shouldn’t charge Lani with obstruction of justice. Kayla asked Steve if Tripp’s the father of Allie’s baby. Allie explained how she got drunk and ended up pregnant and that was why she wanted Nicole and Eric to raise the baby. Nicole didn’t want her to beat herself up about it. Allie remembered that Tripp was on top of her.

Nicole told Allie how she didn’t give her consent to being with Tripp. Allie wanted to know how she knew she didn’t consent to it. Steve wasn’t sure if Tripp’s the father of the baby. She wanted to know if he asked him, but Tripp didn’t answer him. Tripp and Roman talked about Allie’s baby when Hope and Ben showed up. Roman asked if they caught Vincent. Lani tried to reason with him, by telling him how he was hurting Hope and the other people who love Ciara. Eli didn’t know what Melinda meant. Melinda showed him the footage. He lied about what they saw. She thought Lani was helping Kristen escape. Melinda told Eli how he didn’t arrest Kristen after Lani helped her leave. Lani told Vincent how he needed to give Hope closure and how he would spend his life in prison. She said Wendy wouldn’t want him to do what he did. Hope talked to Roman about wanting Ciara back. Allie had another memory about he night she was with Tripp. She said a hand was holding her down. She said she told him no. Melinda continued to paint a picture for Eli about what Kristen and Lani did. She thought the footage would put Lani away for years. She wanted to give him one last chance to save Lani. Steve asked Tripp if he’s the father of Allie’s baby. Nicole wanted Allie to go to the police if she said no. She said he was Steve’s son. Nicole told her she said no and that was all she needed to remember. Melinda wanted undeniable proof Kristen was guilty and he would drop the case against Lani. Tripp told Steve he wasn’t the father of the baby because he never slept with Allie. Allie talked to Lani about Tripp raping her.

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