Y&R Short Recap Thursday, October 1, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Phyllis panics when she finds she has to pay her taxes this quarter and she can’t because she doesn’t have any cash since she paid Abby to buy her half of the Grand Phoenix. Faith begins to get bullied when kids at school figure out that she was the girl switched at birth by Adam as mentioned in the story about him published by Chancellor Communications. Faith hides the bullying from her parents since Sharon is having surgery tomorrow. Amanda, Lily, and Victoria all get angry with Billy for being reckless for publishing the story too soon. Nikki is angry with Victoria and calls her a worse criminal then Adam because she has destroyed the family from within. Victor goes to the office to confront Victoria about her betrayal. A very angry Adam arrives at the Chancellor Communications office and tells Billy he intends to make sure he is very unhappy. Lily is happy at the high number of views the story about Adam is getting on the internet but she tells Billy she is his business partner and he had better not do anything without her approval again. Amanda begins to work on the response to Victor’s lawsuit against Chancellor Communications. Rey questions Victor about AJ Montalvo’s death since the GCPD has agreed to help the Kansas police with the investigation since there is no statute of limitations on murder. Rey wonders why George the caretaker has gone missing and Victor explains that George has worked on Hope’s farm for many years and he is simply enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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