Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 30, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle arrived and saw Kristen talking to Claire. She was upset to see her with Claire. Ben ended up meeting up with Hope. He told her how Claire told him how she thought Ciara was alive. Philip didn’t understand how Shawn could have arrested him when Jan was still out there. Shawn told him what happened and warned him to keep quiet. Philip said he was trying to defend his family, but Shawn said he would do it himself. Belle threatened Jan, but she warned her not to do it. She said she had Philip arrested for assault. Belle didn’t think anyone would be stupid enough to believe her. She informed her how Shawn was the one who arrested Philip. Sarah was upset with Xander for being the reason why Jan had Philip arrested. Hope told Ben about going after Ciara. She asked him if she remembered anything to indicate if Ciara was in the car before the explosion. He told her how he never saw her body or heard her. She knew there was still hope Ciara could be alive. Kristen wanted to go on the run with Brady. He didn’t want to go on the run. She couldn’t risk losing Rachel. She wanted to go far away. He refused to let her do it. Belle couldn’t believe Jan had Philip arrested. Jan wanted to feel safe and wondered if she knew a good lawyer. Belle didn’t want to talk to Jan anymore. Xander stood up to Sarah when she lectured him about Philip. Philip wondered if Shawn had a personal reason for arresting him. He thought it was because he found him with Belle. Belle showed up at the station and agreed to be in Salem.

Sarah put Xander on notice and warned him it would be over if he went back to her old ways. Brady reminded Kristen if she left, she could never come back. She would be a fugitive. She said it would be better than being a fugitive. She wanted to know if he was worried about Belle. He was worried about what it would do to them. Belle told Shawn how she ran into Jan and she told her about it. Belle wanted him to talk to Claire while she helped Philip. Shawn wanted Claire to stay away from Jan. Brady continued to convince Kristen not to go on the run. Xander wanted to do whatever he could to make her happy. Shawn didn’t understand why Claire would believe what she said. She said Jan threatened her. Philip told Belle he thought Shawn still had something against him and it explained his arrest. Claire didn’t think it was right for Shawn to blame Jan for the attack. He told her how she was a better person than Jan. Hope got a lead on Vincent. She said she knew where to find him. Brady wanted to go on the run with Kristen if she decided to go. Xander said he would make what he did right. Belle told Philip how they needed to stick together because Jan’s targeting them. She said Jan was trying to get to her through Claire. Hope and Ben found Vincent and they demanded he tell them where to find Ciara. Kristen decided not to go on the run. Shawn was ready to go out to dinner with Belle, but she had to help Philip. Vincent refused to answer any questions without an attorney. She put the handcuffs on him.

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