Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Lola’s divorce is final and they both feel sad about the end of their marriage. Lola takes out her frustrations on Theo by telling him that he doesn’t care about anybody but himself. Theo is hurt, so he hurts Summer in return by telling her that Kyle is in the kitchen at Society talking to Lola. Victor asks Victoria to spy on Billy and find out what information he has for his story about Adam. Victoria tells him that if she discovers that the story will hurt someone that doesn’t deserve it, she will let him know. Phyllis asks Billy not to publish the story about Adam because she is worried that the story could put an end to her relationship with Nick. Billy tells Phyllis her relationship with Nick is going to end and some point his not publishing the story about Adam won’t make a difference. Nick agrees to help Victor with this Adam situation so that Nikki and Christian won’t be hurt by it. Phyllis asks Nick to stay away from the situation with Adam but he tells her he already promised Victor that he would help him so that Nikki, Christian and the rest of the family wouldn’t be hurt by the article that Billy is planning to publish about Adam. Nikki tells Victor that she heard Victoria talking to Billy on the phone and she thinks that Victoria is working with Billy on the story about Adam. Victoria talks to Billy and tells him she thinks Victor already knows she is giving him information for his story about Adam. Victoria begins to worry about how this story will hurt her family.

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