Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 29, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip and Maggie talked about his issues running Titan with Xander. He doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Xander to run the company, but she didn’t agree. She thought Xander was doing a good job. Victor talked to Shawn about Ciara. Shawn told him how Ciara might not be dead after all. He said Hope was off looking for her. Allie told Nicole about running into Tripp. Nicole thought he was Steve’s son. She didn’t think it was possible for him to be Steve’s son. Nicole looked him up so Allie saw his picture. She realized he was Steve’s son. Steve and Tripp had a similar conversation about Allie. Steve wondered if he was the father of her baby. Jan and Xander talked on the phone about her pressing charges against Philip. She thought Philip would rush to get Belle as his attorney. Claire talked to Steve and Tripp about a memorial for Ciara. Tripp wondered if they needed one since Ciara might be alive. Steve was shocked. Jan went to the station and told Shawn she was sorry for his loss. He didn’t believe her. She told him how she had a way for him to get back at Philip. Philip hoped Maggie wasn’t Team Xander. She explained how Xander was there for her when she was at her lowest.

Steve was surprised to know Ciara’s actually alive. Claire talked about how the memorial for Ciara would go. Philip showed Victor his proposal and wanted his blessing to go through with investing in it. Victor said he needed Xander’s approval. Jan continued to talk to Shawn about Philip threatening her. He thought she was trying to score brownie points with him. She reminded him how he’s a cop and she’s a citizen so he had to do his job. Allie talked to Nicole about what happened when she met Tripp. Xander thought Philip’s investment had some risks. Philip got upset so everyone expected him to listen to Xander. Xander suddenly agreed to talk about it, but he wanted to focus on dinner. Shawn showed up to see Philip about a police matter. Allie continued to talk to Nicole about how she met Tripp. Jan saw Claire talking to Tripp. Jan wanted to talk to her. She wanted to talk to Claire about her father. Philip wanted to know what Shawn wanted from him. He told him how he threatened Jan. Philip said he told him in confidence, but he couldn’t wait to go cop on him. Shawn told him how Jan reported it so he had to show up there. Philip admitted to what he did so Shawn had to arrest him. Sarah looked at Xander, but he acted clueless. Shawn read Philip his rights. Philip said he was protecting his family.

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