Y&R Short Recap Monday, September 28, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Amanda talked with Phyllis, Jack and Mariah about the news that she and Hilary were sisters. It was bittersweet for Amanda to talk to her sister’s friends about her. Mariah revealed that she’d also learned she had a deceased long lost twin. Mariah hoped Amanda handled things better than Mariah had. Summer encouraged Jack to find love again. Lola remembered finding out Summer and Kyle were engaged. She called Mariah for support. Lola told Mariah that she dumped Theo. Kyle wanted to talk to Lola about the divorce, but she pretended not to be around, so he talked with Mariah instead. Mariah let it slip that Theo and Lola split. Kyle expressed concern and said he’d always care about Lola. When Lola saw Kyle leave, she came out. Mariah told her he’d wanted to talk about the divorce. Mariah thought Lola needed a girls’ night of fun. Lola agreed to the plan. Kyle told Jack that he and Summer were engaged. Jack thought they were moving too fast. Devon surprised Elena with a picnic in the park to make up for being so distracted by the Amanda/Hilary situation. Their private time continued at home, where they began to undress each other.

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