Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 23, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Kristen he was going to confess to trying to kill Victor. Kristen was upset that he wanted to do that without talking to her. He said he wanted her to be there for Rachel. She wanted him to be there for her too. Sami almost had Allie convinced that she was taking the baby to Marlena’s place, but Kate told her what she really wanted to do. Allie went off on her. Allie mentioned Eric leaving town so Sami wanted to go after him. She was going to take the baby, but Allie told her she couldn’t. Belle arrived and told Brady that the DA retired and wasn’t the one working on Kristen’s case. Melinda walked in the room and said she was the one working on it. Belle said she refused to accept the plea or Brady’s confession. Sami arrived at Eric’s place. She couldn’t believe he was going to leave without saying goodbye to her. He said it and slammed the door in her face. She was determined to get in the apartment. They talked about the custody case. He advised her to work things out with Allie or she would lose her daughter. Kate tried to get Allie to look at the baby, but she didn’t want to do it. Kate asked why she wanted to run away so Allie explained how she didn’t want to screw up his life.

Melinda reminded Kristen about what she did to her daughter and how she got away with it. Brady asked her not to make it personal, but she didn’t want to hear it. Sami told Eric that she asked Allie to come with her. He knew she didn’t want to go with her. He said Sami would be violating what Allie wanted. Nicole wondered about Allie. Sami didn’t think Allie was ready to have custody of her baby. Eric had another idea, but Sami had to get over herself. Kristen begged Melinda not to take what she did out on Brady. She had no intention of doing that to him. She wanted to deal with her. Brady tried to threaten her, but it didn’t work. She was ready to see her in court. Eric continued to convince Sami to go along with his plan so she wouldn’t lose her daughter forever. Sami was finally willing to compromise. Sami thought Allie had to agree to the plan. Eric and Nicole thought she would. Sami wanted to know how long Eric would be gone. He told her and they said they loved each other. Brady thought what was going on with Melinda was unfair. Belle warned him that the justice system was unfair. Kristen said she wanted a child her entire life. She accepted that she had to say goodbye for a long time. Allie told Sami that Justin was getting a restraining order against her to keep her from taking the baby to Italy. Sami told her about the arrangement. She would let Nicole have custody of the baby if Allie lived with her.

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