Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 22, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lani apologized to Kristen for Eli arresting her. He came in and told them Belle called. He said Belle was going to take the case. Eli wanted to know if he and Lani could get past this. She told him to let them know when Belle was there. He left the interrogation room. Lani told Kristen that she didn’t think she could forgive Eli. Kristen told her she should. Lani said he put his job before her. Kristen said she put her before him. Kristen suggested that she listen to him. Brady asked Victor if he could back up his story that he stabbed him and not Kristen. Victor didn’t think the police would believe the story. Victor didn’t want Kristen to be free. Brady wasn’t interested in what Victor wanted. Brady said he was going to confess and get a deal. Victor agreed to talk to the police. Marlena and Belle talked about what John did to Sami. Belle thought it was funny, but Marlena didn’t. Marlena said John was losing control. Eric showed up while they were talking. Roman showed up too. Eric told everyone he was leaving Salem. They wanted to know if he talked to Sami and Brady. Eric said Brady was busy with Kristen. Eric didn’t want to see Sami. They tried to convince him to tell her goodbye.

Brady went to say goodbye to Eric. Eric walked away so Brady and Belle could talk about Kristen. Belle tried to convince him not to do his plan, but he wanted to do it anyway. Brady went to the police station to see Kristen. He told her Belle was going to talk to the D.A. to get a deal. He said he was going to confess to stabbing Victor. Kristen told him that he wasn’t doing it. Nicole was happy to see Allie. Allie told her she was going to talk to the judge to get her to change her mind and let Nicole and Eric have the baby. Nicole told her Eric was leaving so she would be the one raising the baby. Nicole wanted to talk to Eric about it. Allie asked her to raise the baby by herself. Sami talked to the baby about her plan to get Allie to fall in love with him and move to Rome. Kate walked in and was glad to see the baby. Kate thought Sami was trying to manipulate Allie. Sami tried to defend her actions. Sami wanted to stop Allie. Kate said Allie was at Nicole’s place. Sami wanted to go there, but Kate told her not to go. Kate didn’t want her to push Allie away. Kate said she would make things worse. Sami said she had to do something. She said she was taking the baby to Rome and no one was going to stop her. Allie came in and wanted to know what Sami was up to.

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