Y&R Short Recap Wednesday September 23, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Chance told Abby that Adam had become dangerous and unpredictable. They both worried about how this would impact Chance. Adam and Chelsea eavesdropped on Billy and Victoria plotting against Adam. Victoria revealed that the pharmacist who helped Adam tamper with Victor’s medication was open to going on the record. Billy was eager to get Alyssa in contact with the pharmacist. Adam devised a plan to take care of this issue, but he refused to tell Chelsea what it was, for her own protection. Adam made a mysterious phone call and instructed someone to take care of something quickly and quietly. Billy thought Victor was a bad father. He suggested that things would’ve been different between Billy and Victoria if she’d just listened to him about Victor. Victoria said Billy was as incapable of change as Victor was. She felt that he always undermined his chance at happiness and took others down with him, and she said they weren’t friends – they were allies. Victoria asked Chance about Adam. He said they didn’t talk often. She noted that he’d once hidden Adam’s secrets. He mentioned that he might become a police officer. She suggested he wasn’t morally fit to be a cop because of some of his past activities. He said they all had skeletons in the closet. Billy went to Alyssa’s room. The door was open a crack. He walked in, and he didn’t see her.

Elena accused Nate of meddling when she found out he was the reason Devon was meeting with Amanda. Nate thought it was best for Devon, Amanda and Elena if Devon talked about Hilary instead of trying to suppress his feelings. For a short time, Elena felt like she wasn’t Devon’s priority, then she admitted he was doing the best he could. Nate promised that he’d be there for Elena and he assured her that her relationship with Devon was strong. He thought the only threat to her relationship was her imagination. He promised to be there for her. Devon told Amanda that he thought memories of lost loved ones should be a blessing instead of a burden. He wanted to share those joyful memories. Devon shared stories about Hilary with Amanda. Amanda asked Devon to watch an episode of GC Buzz with her. They did, and she was moved by it. He told her she was welcome to come back and talk about Hilary again, and she said she would. After Amanda left, Devon set up a romantic evening for Elena and surprised her with it when she came home from work. Elena asked how things went with Amanda. He said it was cathartic. He promised that he wouldn’t be helping Amanda forever. He said he and Elena were forever. Amanda went to Nate and cried tears of joy, because, after bouncing around different foster families, she finally had parents and a sister.

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