Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 16, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami went to see John. She bought him a cactus. He threw it against the wall. He reminded her that she said he was nobody. He called her out for her selfish behavior. He asked her if she knew how sick of her he was. He called her a nasty b*tch. She told him that she hoped her have a blood clot in his cold, dark heart. Marlena came in and told Sami to leave. Marlena told John that she didn’t believe Sami’s side of the story. Marlena didn’t believe that he would resort to calling her names. He admitted it. He wasn’t sure if it had to do with his condition. He said he said things to Sami that he would have never said to anyone. He wanted to know what was wrong with him. She said it was nothing to worry about. Belle was upset to find Jan with Claire. Claire wanted to know why Belle was mean to her friend. Belle said she wasn’t her friend. She said it was Jan Spears. Jan said she stopped by to offer her condolences. Belle knocked the flowers out of Jan’s hand. Belle didn’t believe Jan changed. Jan said people with mental illness could change.

Belle threatened to get a restraining order and pushed Jan out of the house. Claire asked if she thought Jan reached out to her because they were both crazy. Claire said she was doing well because Ciara gave her another chance. Lucas had trouble entertaining Allie’s baby. Nicole came in and offered to help him. She was able to control the baby. Sami came in and was furious that Nicole was holding the baby. Nicole ripped into Sami for taking the baby from Eric. When Nicole left, Sami told Lucas she was taking the baby and leaving town. While she was on the phone making the arrangements, Allie walked in and told Sami that she wasn’t taking her baby. Philip ran into Jan. He warned her to stay away from Belle. Xander was eavesdropping on them. Philip threatened to take care of Jan permanently if she didn’t stay away from Belle or her family. When he left, Xander introduced himself to Jan. Philip went to see Belle. He let her know he was going to protect her and Claire from Jan. They hugged each other.

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