Y&R Short Recap Thursday, September 17, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Elena persuades Devon not to help Amanda find out details about Hilary’s life for his sake and the sake of their relationship. Amanda opens up to Billy about being Hilary’s twin and her need to find out more about her sister. Billy tells Amanda they can use Chancellor Communications reporters and other resources to help her find out about Hilary. Amanda thanks Billy for listening to her and accepts his offer to help her learn more about Hilary. Chelsea flirts with Theo so she can get into the Chancellor Communications offices so she can plant a listening device there but Billy arrives just after she plants the bug under the desk. Lola is jealous when she sees Theo leave Society with Chelsea and later tells Mariah even though she knows Theo is a bad boy, she still wants to be with him. Chance is frustrated with Adam because he won’t tell him if he plans to cross the line when he handles their problem with Alyssa. Chance tells Adam that he intends to take the job as detective and their friendship will have to take a backseat to the law.

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