Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 15, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady was surprised that Kristen was arrested for stabbing Victor. He asked Belle to represent Kristen. Belle didn’t want to represent her. He asked her to do it for him. She changed her mind. She warned him that he could be arrested for aiding and abetting depending on what Kristen told the police. Brady went to the police station. He and Kristen planned on how they were going to fix her situation. He told her that Belle was thinking about representing her. Kristen said she forgot people hated her. She said no one would side with her. Abe comforted Hope. He wanted her to take a break, but she wanted to make Vincent pay for what he did to Ciara. Victor told Maggie that he wanted to get revenge. He blamed Ben for what happened. She saw Victor with a gun. He wanted to go to the hospital and kill Ben. She said he couldn’t go in the hospital with a gun. He said she was right. He said he would hire someone. Maggie tried to talk Victor out of killing Ben. He was upset that he didn’t kill him when he had the chance. He said he failed Ciara. Maggie said he should be there for the people Ciara left behind. She said they would all be hurt. Brady ended up showing up. He asked Victor to help Kristen.

Lani yelled at Eli for putting his job before their marriage. She wanted to know how she could trust him again. Eli tried to defend what he did, but she wasn’t hearing what he said. She ended up walking away from him. Claire offered to clean up Hope’s place. Jan showed up when Shawn left. Jan said she was a friend. Jan offered to help Claire clean up. Jan suggested that they get to know each other. Claire told Jan that she loved Ciara. Claire said she almost killed her. They bonded over the things they have done. Jan said therapy helped her. While they were bonding, Belle came in and told her to get away from her daughter. Eli got a tip that Vincent was seen on a bus. Shawn came in with a report on the explosion. He saw that the explosion was caused by a bomb that was triggered remotely. He was scared to ask about Ciara. Hope looked at the report. She said it didn’t make sense. She said they didn’t find any remains. Hope thought Ciara wasn’t in the car. She said Ciara was still alive. Hope wondered where she was.

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