Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

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Recap written by Eva

Theo and Lola apologize to each other for their argument and Lola agrees to be honest with Theo about her feelings even though it might hurt him. Kyle and Summer have a long talk with Phyllis and Nick and tell them that they are moving in together. Nick worries that Kyle will hurt Summer again but in the end he just wants his daughter to be happy. Nick agrees to let Kyle and Summer to move into the house that he was building for them when they were married. Mariah worries that Sharon will put Adam above her recovery but Sharon promises Mariah she will not lose Rey or neglect her recovery. Chelsea and Victor talk to Adam to try and persuade him that he was not born evil but Adam insists he has always been an evil person. Sharon heads over to Adam’s place and Adam tells her he intends to leave town and never return because it is what is best for Chelsea and Connor. Sharon persuades Adam to let her work with him and she will prove that he is a good man.

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