Days Short Recap Wednesday, September 2, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Shawn questioned Ben about what happened to Ciara. Ben couldn’t tell him what happened because he couldn’t remember anything. The judge was about to render her verdict when Jan Spears walked in the room. She went right to Nicole and asked her if she was happy to see her. Nicole and Eric went to Sami and asked her about Jan being out of the mental hospital. Shawn threatened Ben if he didn’t tell him what happened to Ciara. There was a shot of Ciara lying on a bed. Sami told the judge that the people at Shady Pines know that Jan was there. Justin tried to object, but the judge allowed Jan to testify. Marlena confided in Belle about how guilty she felt about what happened to Ciara. She told her that she didn’t help Ben when he was in trouble. Claire tried to assure Hope that Ciara would be okay. They heard Shawn threaten him. Hope wanted Shawn to keep it together. Eric tried to talk Sami out of having Jan testify, but she was determined to do it. Sami questioned Jan. Jan admitted that Nicole wanted her to kill Victor.

Claire talked to Ben about what happened. She tried to make him feel better, but he reminded her that he hurt innocent people. She told him that she knew he changed. Sami continued questioning Jan. She gave a lot of details about Victor’s attempted murder. Judge Duncan wanted answers from Nicole. Marlena went to the station to talk to Hope about Ben. Justin advised Nicole not to answer whether Jan was telling the truth. Sami told the judge that proved she was guilty. She pleaded with the judge not to grant her custody of her grandson. Shawn went to the hospital and talked to Belle. He ended up telling her that he ran into Philip. She was surprised that he was in town. He also mentioned Jan. Justin wanted the judge to forget about Jan’s testimony and award custody to Nicole and Eric. Marlena went in the interrogation room to talk to Ben. He wasn’t sure if he killed Ciara. She wanted to hypnotize him. Sami had Jan’s diary and a letter from the head of Shady Pines to prove her case. Sami said that Jan is being released. Belle and Shawn talked about the way Jan terrorized them and was glad she was in Shady Pines. Jan came up to her and told her that she was wrong. Ben was going over what he did while he was under hypnosis and remembered what happened.

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