Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 1, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole felt guilty for Eric lying in court. He said he wanted to do it. She realized Sami was right and she’s turning into someone people don’t recognize. She decided it might be a good idea to let Sami get custody of Allie’s baby. Will and Sonny told Sami they were leaving town and she wasn’t happy about it. Sami got a call that the judge was ready to reach her verdict. Brady was at the hospital with Marlena. She wanted to know why he was gone for so long. He told her that he was with Kristen and Rachel. Nicole, Eric, and Justin were in the courtroom talking about the case. Nicole wasn’t sure what Sami would do if they win the case. Justin assured her that they were going to win, but Sami told them not to be sure about that. Xander told Philip about Victor giving him the job. Philip wanted the position so he thought he should have it. They argued back and forth over it. Sami told the judge that Nicole was a killer. Victor was Sami’s surprise witness.

Xander and Philip continued arguing over who should run DiMera. Philip reminded him what he and Victor did to Brady. Xander reminded him how Victor gave the CEO position to Deimos to get it out of Philip’s hands. Brady told Marlena that he was staying in town for as long as John needed him. She asked about Kristen and he said she wanted to come back there. They talked about what she did to Victor, but he didn’t blame her for doing it. Sami began to question Victor, but Justin thought he didn’t have any knowledge of Deimos’ murder. He was talking about his murder. Marlena talked to Brady about Sami’s custody case with Nicole. Justin objected to Sami’s questioning because Victor was alive. Sami continued her questioning Victor and he told the judge how Nicole tried to kill him. Xander head butted Philip during their argument. Philip wanted to show him how he fights. Justin cross-examined him about the accusation. The judge listened and wanted to make her decision. Nicole told Sami she wasted her time having Victor there as if she would have hired Jan to help her. Victor saw Xander and Philip arguing and told them they were both going to be CEO’s of the company. Eric told Sami that Jan was still in a coma, but she corrected him. She told him she was awake and has been for a while. The judge returned with her verdict and said Sami didn’t have proof of her accusation so she was giving custody to Eric and Nicole. Sami interrupted her and told her that she wanted to present Jan Spears.

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