Days Short Recap Monday, August 31, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sonny told Victor he and Will were leaving town. Victor was upset that he was leaving. Sonny said it was time for a new start. Victor said he was like Adrienne. Sonny was shocked to hear that. Victor said he should have told Adrienne she was a good mother. He said he was glad Sonny was working with his brothers to honor her. They talked about Victor visiting him before he left. When Sonny left the mansion, Xander showed up. Victor told him that Philip planned to take over the company. Xander becomes upset. Xander said he wasn’t giving up without a fight. Victor told him he hadn’t decided yet. He said he wanted to do what was best for the company. Will went to see Marlena. She said she needed him right now. He told her he and Sonny were leaving town. He said he would go with Sonny later. She said she enough support. She said he should be with Sonny. She said she had enough support so he should be with Sonny. She said she was proud of him.

Sarah went to check on John. She told Marlena that the swelling didn’t go down as they hoped. She said they had to wait to wake him up. When Sarah left, Marlena talked to John. She told him that she missed him. She said she was feeling alone. Brady came in and told her that she wasn’t alone. Philip met with Kate. He told her what happened with Victor. She asked if he was prepared to hear Victor tell him he couldn’t be CEO. He said he was and it would let him where they stood.  She asked if he wanted to run Titan. He said it was his birthright. She wondered how Xander felt about it. Philip asked if she wanted to be back at Titan. She said she didn’t want to be back, but he didn’t believe it. Lucas showed up while Kate and Philip were talking. After Lucas and Philip reunited, Philip left. Will showed up to tell them goodbye. Lucas wished him luck telling Sami he was leaving. Sonny arrived. They said bye to Lucas and Kate. Xander told Victor he had to choose who was going to be CEO. Xander asked if it was going to be him. Philip came in and asked if it was going to be him.

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