Y&R Short Recap Monday August 31, 2020

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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and Rey came home from Kansas. Rey mistakenly concluded that Adam was victimized as a child and was trying to recover memories of what happened to him. He told Sharon that the statute of limitations might not have run out out on the crime and that justice could be served. Sharon was adamant that Rey should not try and treat this like a crime case. Rey unsuccessfully tried to convince Sharon that she’ taken on too much by treating Adam. He wondered why Adam couldn’t let anyone else help him and why Sharon couldn’t let anyone else help Adam. Victor admitted to Victoria that selling the divisions and hiring Nikki was the right decision for Newman. Victor wanted to find common ground with Victoria over Adam, but she didn’t approve of the warped father/son relationship. Adam had a flashback of Hope crying and telling Victor that Adam had been calm after he killed AJ. Adam thought this meant his parents thought he was born bad, and he told that to Chelsea. Chelsea tried to convince him that this wasn’t true. Chelsea worried that Adam was trying to find a reason to push her away because he felt he didn’t deserve her. She said she wouldn’t let him do that. J

Jack visited Billy and was glad that Billy seemed to have found his path at ChanceComm. Jack and Billy took pleasure in knowing that Victor’s actions were the reason that Victoria sold them the divisions. Jack was looking for love, and he wanted Billy to be open to love too. Billy didn’t seem interested, because he’d made so many mistakes. Jack asked Billy to keep an eye out for the right woman. After Jack said that, Billy saw a news story about Amanda getting hired at ChanceComm. Jack was going to order flowers for Victor to needle him about Victoria selling off his divisions. In the end, Jack decided to take the high road, and he sent the flowers to Dina instead.

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