Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria tells Billy the details of Adam killing AJ Montalvo to protect his mother Hope and asks him to find proof so he can put the story up on the Chancellor Communications website. Victoria tells Billy that she has a feeling that the Newman board of directors wants Victor to step in and stop her from doing what she thinks is right for the company. So, this is her way of standing up for herself. Billy tells the story to Lily and Amanda and after a long discussion, Billy promises Lily that he will find solid proof before he posts the story on their website. Nate gets upset with Elena for asking him too many questions about his personal relationship with Amanda and later admits that his relationship with Amanda is just casual right now and he wants the kind of relationship that she has with Devon. Sharon helps Adam deal with his feelings after he remembers how he killed AJ Montalvo. Chelsea arrives at Hope’s farm and argues with Sharon because she didn’t tell her that she thought Adam came to the farm. Chelsea thinks Sharon wants to be the person to save Adam because she can’t let go of him. Chelsea tells Adam that Sharon has told her everything that happened and she asks Adam to come home with her.

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