Days Short Recap Thursday, August 27, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami told the judge that Nicole killed Deimos. Eduardo talked to Rafe about working with the wrong people. He warned him that he would be killed too if he stayed in Salem. Hope burst into the dorm room and only saw Ben. She demanded to know what happened to Ciara. He wouldn’t say anything. Hope wanted answers from Ben, but he said he didn’t know where she was. Rafe told Eduardo that he would protect the family and he wanted him to get lost. Eduardo said he couldn’t do it this time. Sami told the judge that Nicole stabbed a knife in Deimos. The judge said it wasn’t solved. The wanted to know if Sami had any proof and she said she did. She told the judge about Nicole confessing to the murder. Nicole said she never told her why she was being blackmailed. The judge wanted to know if what Sami said was true. Justin tried to object, but the judge overruled it. Nicole stood up and denied the accusation. She said she didn’t kill Deimos and was making everything up. Sami wanted the judge to ask Eric. Eduardo said that the people already attacked someone Dario. He told Rafe that Gabi was already threatened. He wanted them to get Gabi out of Salem. Gabi and Jake talked about the heat between them and then they made love. Jake didn’t want Gwen to see them, but she walked in the room. Hope wanted Ben to tell what he did. He told her what happened with Ciara.

Hope wanted to know if Ben strangled Ciara. He said he didn’t know what happened to her. She handcuffed him to the radiator and said she would find Ciara. Gwen was ready to attack Gabi for sleeping with Jake. Sami continued to tell the judge what happened when Nicole killed Deimos. She also said that Eric was the one who told what Nicole did to Deimos. Hope left a message for Rafe about Ciara. Gabi left Jake’s room and Gwen demanded an explanation. Sami wanted Eric to tell what happened. Eric lied to the judge about the conversation Sami told her happened. She couldn’t believe Eric would lie the way he did. Sami yelled about what Nicole did. Eric stood up and said Sami would go to any lengths to get what she wanted. The judge told them she would have her decision tomorrow. Eric apologized for telling Sami what happened. He never thought she would tell it. Sami said she was going to tell the judge he lied, but Nicole said she wouldn’t do it. Eduardo and Rafe went to Gabi to tell her what happened. Eric called Sami’s bluff and said no one would believe what she said. Nicole agreed because she told too many lies. Sami couldn’t believe he would stand by her. He said he would always stand by her. He told her no one would stand by her and that she lost everyone in her life. Ben thought about telling Ciara that he loved her, but he had to do it. Hope wanted to know what he did.

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