Days Short Recap Friday, August 28, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Hope demanded that Ben tell her if he killed Ciara. He didn’t know what happened. She wanted to go look for her. He wanted her to arrest him because he didn’t think what Eve did to him was finished. Eduardo wanted Gabi and Rafe to go with him to save their lives. Gabi put up a fight until they talked to Dario. She realized what had to be done to keep her daughter safe. Gwen wasn’t happy that Jake was with Gabi. They ended up arguing. He decided that she had to move out. She wanted to stay there and was willing to work things out with him. Jake couldn’t do it. He gave her some money to go to a hotel and take a plane out of Salem. Gabi went to Will and Sonny to tell them they could take Arianna with them. She told them about the trouble Eduardo was in and she wanted to keep Arianna safe. Ben was upset when he saw Eve at the police station. He yelled at her for having him kill Ciara. She told him that she wanted him to feel the pain she felt. He told her to go after him. She only hoped Ciara was alive for Hope. Rafe arrived so Hope caught him up about Eve. He wanted to know if Eve knew where to find Ciara.

Eve said she didn’t know where Ciara was. Rafe didn’t believe her. Hope told him that Eve was the one who helped her find where Ben took Ciara. Ben told them that it was the anniversary of Paige’s death and that Eve had her friend brainwash her. Rafe wanted to know what happened so Eli told them there was an APB out for her. Eve explained that she was out of her mind with grief and hoped that Ciara was okay. Eduardo told Gabi that she shouldn’t have told Will and Sonny the truth. They continued to talk about why she had to leave. She was upset that she had to say goodbye to her daughter. She was heartbroken that she had to say goodbye. Eduardo was ready to go, but she had to say goodbye to one more person. Rafe told Hope that he had to leave, but he lied about why he had to go. He didn’t want to leave her like this. Gabi went to the DiMera mansion to see Jake. He wanted to know what happened. She told him about her mother being sick so she had to be with her. She told him goodbye. Hope told Rafe that his place was with his mother. He didn’t want to leave because he wanted to help find Ciara. She insisted that he go because she had support there. Jake said that they didn’t have to end just because she’s leaving. He said that he would go with her, but she told him that he couldn’t go. She made him think that she was just using him. She didn’t want him to wait for her.

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