Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Victor and Adam worry that Victoria is going to reveal to the press that Adam killed AJ Montalvo. Victoria also makes Chancellor communications part of her top-secret risky venture that will once again pit the Newman family against each other. Phyllis gets ready to take her women’s escape club for a test drive. Traci is determined to find her father’s Bixley movie camera so Dina can watch the old home movies of the family. Traci later talks to Abby who thinks the film reels and movie camera might be in some boxes Dina left at her house in Paris; so they call the man that is taking care of Dina’s things in Paris to send them the boxes. Victoria announces to the press that she is selling the Newman media division to Chancellor communications and the cosmetic division to Jabot. Victor is furious with her because she plans to sell other parts of the company. Victor tells Victoria that he won’t let her tear apart his company just because she is upset that he briefly replaced her as CEO with Adam.

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