Days Short Recap Wednesday, August 19, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sami and John were arguing until he grabbed his head and fell down on the floor. Marlena showed up just as she was trying to help him. Shawn and Belle talked about Rafe and Hope’s relationship. She didn’t think they could get through what happened when he slept with Belle’s sister. Shawn reminded her that they got through a situation like that. She was grateful that they were able to get through it. Shawn said that it was a while before he could say his name. Philip was at the Kiriakis mansion with Xander and Victor. Xander wasn’t thrilled with his return at all. Sonny talked to Will about a potential job opportunity. He explained to him what he would be doing on the job. Will was excited for him. He told him that the job is in Phoenix. Will wanted to know if he was leaving him. Belle said it was hard to say Philip’s name too. She apologized again for hurting Shawn. She said Philip was out of her system for good. He was the only man she ever loved. Philip was surprised that Xander was in charge when Brady was running the company. Victor and Xander explained what happened to Brady. Sami called the ambulance for John. Marlena said that he started breathing.

Will asked Sonny if he was leaving him. Sonny wanted him to move with him and Arianna. Will wanted to know what would happen with Gabi so he explained how the situation would work. Philip talked to Victor about what he did to him in the past. Victor said he regretted the mistakes he made. He wanted to make it up to him. Philip wanted to know how he would do it. Victor left the decision up to him. He knew how Victor could make it right. He wanted to be CEO of Titan. Marlena wanted ride in the ambulance with John. Sami wanted to ride in the ambulance too, but Marlena wanted her to stay with the baby. Victor didn’t understand why Philip wanted to run the company again. He said that he cooled off and wanted to do it again. Victor reminded him that he gave the job to Xander and didn’t want to jerk him around again. Philip told him that Xander’s his nephew and he’s his son. Victor wanted to give him another position, but he wouldn’t take it. Belle arrived at the townhouse and wanted Sami to reach a compromise. Sami started to tell her about Eric and Nicole, but she wanted to tell her about John. Sonny continued to talk to Will about moving. Philip and Shawn ran into each other at the town square. Belle thanked Sami for being there when John got hurt. Sami was trying to tell her something, but Belle cut her off. Sarah wanted to run tests on John to rule out anything. Marlena told John she would be there for him.

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