Days Short Recap Thursday, August 20, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eve told Vincent that the police were after her because Claire sold her out. He told her that it was risky for her to go back to Salem. She said she could have been gone if he finished giving Ben the drug. Ben snuck up on Ciara after and she wanted to know what was wrong. He said nothing was wrong. She told him that the police couldn’t find Eve. She wanted to forget about Eve and go home. She put her scarf around her neck and they walked off. Vincent told Eve that he gave Ben enough of the drug that he would kill Ciara eventually. Eve was glad that he didn’t kill her yet. She thought it was fate that he didn’t kill her yet. She thought tomorrow would be the perfect day to kill her would be tomorrow. Ben told Ciara that he’s been feeling weird since he left Eve. He knew something bad was coming. Chad told Gwen that Jake closed the business deal. She warned him to get on Jake’s good side. Chad wanted her to talk Jake out of going out with the business partner. Gabi told Jake that Gwen kissed Chad. She told him to ask Gwen if he didn’t believe her. Will and Sonny arrived at the DiMera mansion to tell Gabi they were moving to Arizona. Eve wanted Ben to remember the day that he killed her the same way she had to remember when he killed Paige.

Eve wanted to know if Vincent had a final dose of the drug. He said he had to administer it tonight. She wanted to celebrate Paige’s anniversary by having Ben kill his wife. Gabi was happy for Sonny and Will until she found out that they wanted to take Arianna with her. They argued about what was best for Arianna. Chad and Gwen made Jake think that something was going on between them. He wanted Chad to keep his hands off of his girl. Chad told him to stay away from Collins because he’s the only one who deals with DiMera Enterprises. Ben opened the door and saw Vincent. Vincent came in the room and gave Ben the last injection. Gabi refused to compromise when it concerned Arianna. Sonny wanted everyone to sleep on it. She said she refused to sleep on it. Jake wasn’t happy about Chad kissing Gwen. He wanted her to stay away from Chad. She said it would be hard since they live together. He demanded that she stay away from Chad. She told him how he’s always leaving her alone to go running off with Gabi. She wanted to make sure she was still his top priority. She wanted him to cancel his trip to Kansas. Vincent told Eve that he gave Ben the final dose and that he would be ready to kill Ciara.

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