Days Short Recap Monday, August 17, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Eric and Nicole talked about how Sami would react to the idea of them having the baby. Nicole got the impression that Eric wasn’t sure if he wanted the baby. Lucas tried to comfort Sami about Allie. He let her know the baby would be coming out of the hospital soon. He was going to give the stroller to Eric and Nicole. She told him not to do it because Nicole wasn’t going to get her grandchild. Eric told Nicole that Sami would have a bunch of lawyers stop them from taking the baby. They continued to talk about it until Eric changed his mind. They were going to get the baby when Belle said she couldn’t let them do it. Bonnie went to the Kiriakis mansion and had a run in with Victor. He didn’t think Justin would represent her, but he showed up and confirmed it. Belle told Eric and Nicole that Allie didn’t ask them to raise the baby. She handed them a restraining order. Sami told Lucas she had Belle represent her and that she planned to take the baby with her. He told her she wasn’t doing that. Justin explained to Victor why Bonnie was there. Victor thought it was crazy that he wanted to represent her. Eric, Nicole, and Belle continued to argue about getting custody of Allie’s baby. Lucas told Sami she wasn’t taking the baby away from the family. She said she had to get back to EJ. He wanted to know who would raise the baby. She said she would make time for the baby. He blamed her for Allie’s situation. She didn’t like what he had to say so she slapped him.

Bonnie was grateful to Justin for his help. She gave him a gift for his help. Sami apologized for hitting Lucas. He reminded her that baby is his grandchild too. She wanted to know if Lucas wanted Eric and Nicole to raise the baby. He said he could raise the baby in Salem. Nicole realized that he would get hurt again if Allie came back or if the father showed up. Eric knew what Sami was up to so he changed his mind about taking the baby. Nicole was happy and had an idea what they could do next. Sami reminded Lucas why it would be wrong to let the baby stay at the DiMera mansion. He understood what she meant so he gave her another idea. He would be okay with her raising the child, but she had to do it in Salem. She said she didn’t live in Salem and had to take care of EJ. He said it was the final offer for her. Eric and Nicole went to Justin for help with the baby. He thought it would be easier if Allie signed something or was in town. Nicole wanted to know if they had any chance to win. Justin agreed to take the case, but couldn’t guarantee that he would win. Lucas and Sami decided that she would stay with Marlena and take care of the baby.

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