Days Short Recap Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Jake and Gwen got in an argument over Gabi. Gwen said Chad was going to put a stop to what Gabi was doing. Jake said he thought Chad was in Florida. Gabi was on the phone with Mr. Shin. She said she would always be there unlike Chad. When she got off the phone, Chad confronted her about what she did with Mr. Shin and the clients. Chad said they were on to her. Chad went to see Gwen. He thanked her for helping him. He said he owed her for it. She said she wanted Gabi out of the house. Gwen said she didn’t like what was going on between Gabi and Jake. Chad said he wanted Gabi gone too. He said he wanted her to keep watching Gabi and let him know what’s going on. Jake saw Gabi and told her that the deal could still work. She said it wasn’t. She said he wasn’t cut out for the corporate world. He said she could teach him how to be a shark. She said it didn’t matter because Chad was back and knew about the meeting. She didn’t understand how Chad knew. Jake had an idea how he found out. He told her that Gwen said Chad was going to take care of her. He said Gwen knew about the meeting. Gabi was upset that Gwen tipped Chad off. Hope went to see Rafe to find out if there was any news on Eve. He said there weren’t any leads. He said he would get a call from the NYPD if Eve was found. Hope wondered if Eve was in Salem because she wasn’t thinking rationally. He agreed with her and put out an APB on Eve.

Hope and Rafe talked about Ciara. They were both worried about her. He said he would do anything for Ciara and Hope. He suggested that she rejoin the force if she wanted to find Eve. Hope was shocked, but didn’t think people would welcome her back. He said he would. She agreed to do it. They came close to kissing. Eve met with Vincent at a motel. She had on a black wig. Eve didn’t get why Ciara’s murder wasn’t reported yet. She wanted to sneak around to see what was happening at Salem Inn. Ben and Ciara kissed each other. While they were kissing, he choked her. She told him to stop because he was hurting her. It turned out to be a nightmare. He told her he had a bad dream. When Ciara asked him about it, he said he didn’t remember. He said the only thing he knew was something was happening in their bed. She told him to make an appointment with Marlena. Eve watched Ben and Ciara talking to Claire. Claire said she was glad that Ben was okay. He thanked her for figuring out that Eve was the one who targeted him. He apologized to her for the way he treated her. Claire said she understood that they suspected her. She said she wanted them to be happy. Ben left to go to his session with Marlena. Ciara thanked Claire for helping her find Ben. They agreed to work things out. Eve called Vincent and told him about Ben’s session. She told him to stop the session. She wanted him to give Ben another drug. When Eve got off the phone, she ran into Claire. When Ben went to Marlena’s office, Vincent was in the chair.

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