Days Short Recap Friday, August 14, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Claire was in the park and saw Eve. She wanted to turn her in to the police, but Eve tried to stop her. Ben went to see Marlena and ended up seeing Vincent in her office. He told Ben that he was picking up where his father left off. Gabi talked to Jake that she knew Gwen went to Chad to tip him off about what she did to him. Chad and Gwen talked about Gabi. He wanted to know if she would keep supporting him. She was more than willing to keep spying on Gabi. She wanted him to be in her bed. Ciara almost walked in on Rafe and Hope kissing. They downplayed it and talked about looking for Eve. Claire told Eve that everyone knew about what she did to Ben. Eve wanted to know why she cared about what she did to Ben. Ben thought about the brainwashing that happened to him. Vincent told Ben that he was told to murder his wife. Chad didn’t want to help her with her plan. She kissed him and Gabi walked in and saw them. Ciara, Hope, and Rafe continued to talk about Eve and Ben. Claire continued to tell Eve about what she did to the people in the church. She reminded Claire about what she did to Ciara. Eve wanted her to walk away and wanted Claire to forget she saw her.

Gabi told Gwen and Chad that she had proof that they were in bed together. She wanted to know if Gwen was going to tell Jake or would she do it. Claire told Eve how she hurt so many people. Eve said she thought of her as a daughter and didn’t want her to turn her in to the police. Vincent told Ben that he had to kill Ciara. Ben told him that he would never hurt Ciara. He said he would go as far away from her as he possibly could. Vincent reminded him that he was in charge and he wouldn’t be able to do that. Chad didn’t like the fact that Gwen’s plan didn’t work. Gabi told Chad that she planned on going after DiMera while he was off in Florida. Rafe and Hope felt awkward after Ciara implied they were back together. Hope tried to downplay what Ciara saw happening between them. Rafe thought Ciara saw how they were in a better place from where they were before. Vincent wanted to administer the last dose to Ben, but Ciara showed up. Claire told Eve that she had to turn herself in to the police. Claire told her that Paige would be upset with her. Eve didn’t like what she said and slapped her. She continued to convince her to get help. Eve wanted Ben to feel the same pain she felt. She warned Claire that she wouldn’t have Ben and Ciara wouldn’t care about her if she messed up. Eve pushed her when she walked out. She walked away from her. Ben and Ciara were at the town square. He was focused on her neck and was about to choke her when Claire showed up. She said Eve was in Salem. Vincent told Eve that he couldn’t finish the job because Ciara showed up. He did say that Ben was under his control. She was glad because he would understand what he did to her.

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