Y&R Short Recap Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Recap written by Eva

Sharon and Victoria have one of their heart to heart talks where they share their problems with each other. Jack advises Victor to stay away from Adam because Adam is toxic to him. Dina is agitated, but when Jack finally calms her, she says one word “Bixley,” so Kyle, Jack, and Summer want to discover what “Bixley” means and why it is making Dina so upset. Kevin and Esther talk about parenting because she feels badly she didn’t give Chloe a father. Kevin is worried that he won’t be a good father to his baby boy since he never had a good example of how to be a father to a son. George, the caretaker of Hope’s farm, comes to Genoa City and tells Adam that he did kill AJ Montalvo when he was a little boy because he wanted to protect his mother. George tells Adam that he was so traumatized by what happened that he blocked everything out of his mind. Adam pleads with Sharon to help him figure out what happened the night AJ Montalvo died.

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