B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 13, 2020

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Recap written by Lori

As Shauna and Quinn are still celebrating the new “Mrs. Ridge Forrester,” Shauna recalls the phone call and events that led her and Ridge to the wedding chapel in Vegas. Quinn thinks it was “a good thing” that Shauna knew the guy who ran the wedding chapel, although Shauna admits he really did not want to perform the ceremony. The officiant suggested postponing the wedding, but Shauna told her friend not to ruin her wedding night and insisted he just do it, so he pronounced them husband and wife. Shauna tells Quinn she believes can still make Ridge happy as his wife but is still concerned about how it all played out. When asked about the wedding night and if she and Ridge made love, Shauna tells Quinn that the Forrester pilots barged in and dragged him away before it could happen. Quinn assures Shauna that Ridge married Shauna because he loves her and all they did was made it legal; no one needs to know, and it will always be their secret.

At Brooke’s house, Brooke has just learned that Ridge is now married to Shauna. Brooke doesn’t understand how it’s possible when their divorce papers were never filed, and Ridge can’t explain it because he doesn’t remember anything about that night; he only knows what Shauna told him, and there’s a marriage certificate. He tries to tell a devastated Brooke how sorry he is, that he loves her and wants to spend his life with her. Although they signed their divorce papers, Brooke said they were never filed. Ridge doesn’t know how it happened but thinks they must have been filed before he and Shauna got to the chapel, and Carter wouldn’t have done it if he hadn’t told him to. Ridge tells Brooke that he doesn’t want to be married to Shauna and “it’s just paperwork,” but Brooke sees it as being more than “just paperwork” – this is a betrayal. She doesn’t want to hear that he was drunk and that he doesn’t remember – she doesn’t care. She yells at him and orders him to leave. Ridge tells Brooke he loves her and always will. At Forrester Creations, Hope and Zoe talk about what a great team they make, especially the way they were able to take down Thomas together. They brainstorm on fine-tuning their messaging for the diversity and inclusion campaign and come up with a Hope for the Future Scholarship, which they will work on together. In Eric’s office, Eric and Donna are discussing Ridge marrying Shauna. Donna can’t believe it happened because Ridge never filed the divorce papers and is still married to Brooke, but Eric sadly assures her it’s real because there are pictures and a wedding certificate, and Ridge had Carter execute the divorce papers before the wedding.

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