Days Short Recap Tuesday, August 11, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ben was preparing to celebrate his wedding night with Ciara when he looked down at his phone. He thought about when he was being brainwashed. Kate talked to Abe about being glad that Vivian was dead. She told him about what she went through with Vivian. Justin told Bonnie that he decided to help her with her lawsuit. Gabi blamed Jake for the meeting with Shin going wrong. He tried to tell her how he was just trying to help her, but she was upset with him. Ciara looked in the closet and noticed that her wedding dress was missing. Ben thought about the brainwashing that he received. Bonnie wanted to know what made Justin decide to help her. He didn’t think the contract was fair and decided to help her. Gabi continued to yell at Jake for what he did at the meeting. He gave her a piece of his mind. Ben kissed Ciara and started thinking about being tortured again.

Abe felt that Kate and Vivian were alike and could have been friends in another life. He wondered if she felt bad that Vivian was gone. She was glad that Vivian was dead. Gabi told Jake that he could never be Stefan. She talked about how much she missed him. Ben apologized for pulling away from Ciara. She understood what he was going through and was fine with not being able to make love. He wanted to celebrate their wedding night. She had an idea. Bonnie was glad that Justin decided to take her case. He wanted to put the publishing company on notice. Gabi talked to Stefan’s picture about Jake not being anything like him. She realized it was so hard to be around someone who looked like Stefan. Jake brought the suit back to her. She wanted him to leave, but he wanted her to hear what he had to say. Ben looked at the fortune cookie and thought about the torture he went through again. Bonnie appreciated the fact that Justin was willing to help her.

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