B&B Short Recap Monday, August 10, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Donna and Brooke continue to chat about Brooke’s upcoming trip to see Bridget in New York, and her reuniting with Ridge. Brooke is supposed to fly there on the Forrester private jet. Brooke feels a little bad about leaving, since they’ve finally patched things up. Donna suggests that she postpone her trip. Quinn’s name comes up, so they talk about how awful she is. Brooke is glad that Quinn didn’t get what she wanted. She hopes Quinn and Shauna realize there’s nothing they can do to get between her and Ridge ever again. Donna assures her that she’ll take care of all of everything while she’s away. Bridget calls to cancel the trip just as Brooke is about to leave. Brooke plans a big surprise for Ridge. At the Forrester Mansion, Shauna tries to get Ridge to remember that they got married in Vegas. She’s very happy and hopes he feels the same. He looks distressed. Quinn suggests leaving them alone, but Eric doesn’t move. Shauna shows Ridge that she has photos and a marriage license. Ridge tells her that he hates hurting her, but it was all fun and games. He’s still married to Brooke and was about to move back in with her. She tells him that he filed the divorce papers the night they were in Vegas. He and Eric look shocked. Quinn smiles wickedly the whole time.

Steffy walks into her living room, looking like she’s in pain. Thomas is there to surprise her and asks if he’s visiting too often. He’s working hard to make sure she forgives him. He brought her favorite ice cream — mint chocolate with marshmallows. She thanks him. He tells her that Douglas also loves that kind and that they shared some the other day at the Children’s Museum. He admires how amazing Douglas is, and he’s trying to make things right with him. When he mentions that Douglas is making her a great get well card, she worries about him knowing that she had such a terrible accident. Thomas admits that he didn’t want to lie to Douglas when he asked about her and Kelly, but he told him that she’s feeling better. He wants to spend time with Kelly when she wakes up.  He asks Steffy how she’s really feeling. He can tell that she’s in pain. She says she’s fine. He gets a little choked up thinking about how they could have lost her, but she reminds him that she’s here. She just didn’t expect to still be in so much pain. She’s down to one last pill. Thomas gets a text from Vinny, who needs his help, but he makes Steffy promise that she’ll get her prescription refilled as soon as he leaves. She phones Doctor Finn, who tells her that after she finishes her last pill, then she has to take a prescription strength ibuprofen. He offers to call it in for her. She promises to take some that she already has in her medicine cabinet, after getting the right dosage from him. He tells her that it was nice seeing her outside of the hospital. They flirt a little. She prepares to take her last pill.

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