Days Short Recap Friday, August 7, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Will tried to talk to Sonny, but he was upset. He blamed him for why they lost Allie’s baby. Lee Shin went to the DiMera mansion to meet Chad. Gabi told him that he went to Florida to see Abby. He was upset about it. She said that he needed a DiMera to be there. She said she was a DiMera, but he needed one by blood. She had an idea. Sarah and Xander met for dinner. Allie told Nicole about Will’s role in Sami’s plan. Eric blamed Sami for what she did, but she said it was Nicole’s fault. Sami wanted his help to fix her relationship with her kids. Nicole thought Allie should forgive Will. Will tried to talk to Sonny, but he reminded him how they lost the baby because of him. Gabi wanted Jake to help her with her meeting with Lee Shin, but Gwen didn’t want him to help her. He decided to do it anyway.

Allie continued to talk to Nicole about Will lying to her and Sonny about helping Sami. Will reminded Sonny that Arianna didn’t really want a brother or sister. Sonny blamed Sami and him for what happened. Sarah wanted to stay the night with Xander because she missed him. Jake didn’t have a suit so she had to give him one of Stefan’s to wear. Will tried to explain himself when Sonny compared the situation to what happened when Adrienne died. He took responsible for what he did by keeping quiet about Sami’s plan. Eric was willing to speak on Sami’s behalf. She was happy about that. He wanted her to apologize to Nicole, but she didn’t want to do it. She decided she didn’t need his help after all and wanted to do it herself. Nicole wanted to know what Allie was going to do with the baby. Nicole asked Allie what she would do with her baby. She suggested she go see her son. Allie thought she was trying to get her to change her mind about her baby. Nicole explained that the baby is still hers. Xander and Sarah made love. Sami showed up at the Kiriakis mansion and tried to talk Sonny into forgiving Will. Sonny wasn’t in the mood to hear what she had to say and left. Will didn’t think Sonny would forgive him, but she assured him that he would. She wanted to know if he would forgive her.

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