B&B Short Recap Friday, August 7, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Ridge and Brooke are very happy to be back together and working on their problems. He pledges to be there waiting for her when she comes back from her trip to visit Bridget. She invites him to come with her, but he has to be there for Steffy and the company. They plan to take a week or more off when she gets back, to celebrate. Later, Donna gives Brooke a toy truck to give to Logan. Donna can tell that Brooke’s mind is elsewhere, so Brooke tells her that Ridge has forgiven her. Donna is delighted to hear it.

Shaun phones Quinn. They chat about Shauna being back in L.A. Quinn invites her over, in part so that she can “accidentally” bump into Ridge. Eric comes home while they’re chatting on the phone, so Quinn explains that she was talking to Shauna. Eric thinks that Brooke and Ridge will get back together. Quinn doesn’t think so, and they discuss it. Ridge comes home and informs him that he’s moving back in with Brooke. Eric is happy and tells Quinn “I told you so.” Quinn has an attitude like she’s keeping a delicious secret. Shauna arrives and tells them that she had to return to her husband. She explains that she and Ridge were married the night that he was there with her in Vegas. She promises to be a loving and faithful wife to him, “until death do us part.”

Steffy and her new doctor, Finn, flirt with each other. He dropped some papers by her place. He jokes that he always wanted to be a country doctor that drops by people’s houses. He admits that he Googled her, and he’s very impressed with her. She demurs, saying that he’s the one saving lives. She makes a snack for Kelly while they chat. He takes a phone call, so she notices that he referred to himself as “Finn.” She chats about being a single parent, like it’s no big deal. It’s clear that he admires her even more. When he asks about Kelly’s father, she mentions Liam. He recognizes Liam from the big picture hanging on her wall, since he met him at the hospital. He also tells her that he found out that this wasn’t her first motorcycle crash, so he advises her not to ride it any more. As he leaves, he tells her to let him know if she needs anything else. He also asks if it’s okay to check on her sometimes, since she’s on his way home. She likes the idea. After he leaves, she has severe pain. She looks at the clock and realizes that it’s time to take more pain medication.

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