B&B Short Recap Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy is on the phone with Amelia, who’s running late. Steffy is obviously in great pain. She sits down and considers whether she should take more pain meds or not. Ridge calls to see how she’s doing. She tries to downplay how she is, but he can tell that she’s not being honest. He once again suggests she make sure to take her pain pills. He offers to come over there until Amelia gets there, but she tells him that the traffic is terrible. Dr. Finnegan phones to see how she’s doing. He asks if she’s followed up with her PCP, so she replies that she has an appointment later this week. He asks about her pain and reminds her that if she doesn’t take the pills on a regular schedule, then healing will take longer. Thomas drops by, bringing flowers and candy from his friend Vinnie. Thomas thinks that Vinnie might have a crush on her. Steffy confides that she doesn’t even remember the accident. She takes her pain medication, noting that she’s almost out. She’d hoped she wouldn’t need them any more before she needed to get a refill. Later, Thomas is on the phone – something about work. She tells him to go ahead and that her pain meds are kicking in. He tells her to call him if she needs anything. Dr. Finnegan drops by to bring her paperwork from the hospital. He’s embarrassed because his assistant was supposed to call Steffy and let her know. She was on a conference call and had her phone muted. He lives nearby, so he figured he could just bring them by. She tells him that it’s OK and that she’s getting better and better every day.

Flo and Wyatt are surprised to see Shauna show up. Shauna just wanted to check on Flo because of what has happened. She calls Wyatt and Flo “lovebirds” and Flo makes a joke about their having lots of sex. They catch up about what happened with Sally. Wyatt has to leave for work but tells them that they need to go out later to celebrate. Flo wonders if her mom is there for Ridge. Shauna tells her that Ridge gave her a ride home on his private jet, and then she took him on a tour of Vegas. Flo thinks there’s something more going on that Shauna isn’t telling her. Shauna just tells her that Ridge needed to take his mind off his problems, so she was there to help him do that. She couldn’t believe the crowds that he attracted. Shauna is disturbed to hear that Ridge spent the night at Shauna’s place. She asks if they slept together. Shauna brushes her questions off, saying that Las Vegas is her past. L.A. is her future. Meanwhile, Ridge is at Forrester, working, but he keeps having flashes of memory to what happened in Vegas. Brooke drops by and tells him that she’s leaving for a few days to go visit Bridget and Logan. She wants to visit with her daughter, who helped her when they were separated. She tells Ridge that she intends to work through their issues when she returns. She hopes they can be stronger than ever. Brooke goes on and on about their problems. When she mentions Shauna, Ridge has some more memories about being there in Vegas with her. Ridge talks about how he felt, seeing her kissing Bill. His faith in her was shattered. She understands and forgives him for running off. He agrees that they need to work on their relationship and spend the rest of their lives together. He promises to be waiting here for her.

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