Days Short Recap Thursday, August 6, 2020

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate and Chad talked about Gwen and Jake moving into the mansion. He also told her how Gabi was able to work her way into running DiMera. He explained why he had Gwen spy on Gabi. Jake walked in Gabi’s room and she went off on him about Gwen taking advantage of living at the mansion. Kate thought Chad might have neglected his duties at the company and that’s how Gabi was able to swoop in on the company. Xander talked to Jack about how things were better with them after she saw him with the other woman. Eli and Lani went to see Sarah about the pain she had in her stomach. Jake didn’t want Gabi to keep trashing Gwen. She had trouble believing that he loved Gwen.

Chad called Gwen to see if she found out anything about Gabi. She told him how she heard Gabi on the phone, but her call was interrupted. Gabi pretended to be Chad’s assistant to move his meeting up. Xander continued to talk to Jack about getting closer with Sarah. Sarah told Eli and Lani that they were having twins. Kate let Chad know that she would keep an eye out for things while he was visiting Abby. Chad was sure that Gwen could handle it. Gwen wanted Jake to quit and ask Chad for money. He wanted to enjoy the time at the mansion. Eli and Lani talked about the idea of having twins. They ended up being excited about the idea.

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