B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps

Recap written by Suzanne

Steffy walks around her place, admiring the decorations that Hope and Liam put up for her homecoming, talking to Ridge. She moves and cries out in pain, so he urges her to take her medication. She claims that she’s fine. Thomas, now sporting a beard, drops by with flowers for her. He looks shaken up by what happened to her. Ridge leaves them alone to chat. Thomas tells his sister how much he loves her and was worried about her. Things seem to be good between them now and she thanks him for visiting. She asks how he’s doing. He admits that it’s been rough not seeing Douglad, but he knows that Hope and Liam are taking good care of him for now. He’s been in regular contact with Taylor, too. He thanks Ridge for all of his support as well. Ridge once again suggests to Steffy that she should take her pills, before he leaves. Thomas can tell that Steffy is in a lot more pain than she let on. Steffy tells him that the beard looks good. Thomas tells her that he’s been driving up and down the coast, staying here and there, but he stays close so he can visit Douglas. Steffy has another twinge of pain, so Thomas points out that she was in a serious accident. She should accept help and take medication. Later, Steffy is alone when she hears Kelly cry over the baby monitor. She takes some pain medication.  At Forrester, Donna and Brooke discuss Steffy’s accident. Donna wonders if this brought her and Ridge closer together, but Brooke says that it didn’t because Bill was there to admit that he hit Steffy with his car. Brooke really wants to get things back to normal with Ridge. Even though there is still distance between her and Ridge, she plans to keep trying with him. Ridge drops by, so they ask about Steffy. Ridge is just worried about her being in pain and not wanting to take her medication. Donna leaves them alone. Ridge tells Brooke that Thomas stopped by. Brooke lists all of the things that came between them, and she admits that she was partly responsible. He admits that, too. She says that she doesn’t want him to have any more drunken nights with Shauna, or anyone. As she says that, Ridge remembers some of his time kissing Shauna. Brooke concludes that they need to vow never to let anyone come between them ever again.

Back at the beach house, Wyatt and Flo, sitting on the couch, chat about dinner and decide to go back to having sex, like they were planning to do before Katie dropped by. They chat for a second about Katie and Sally. He still can’t believe what Sally did. They also decide not to talk about Sally any more. They have sex on the couch. He says that he won’t ever let her out of his sight again. Katie drops by Sally’s place to confront her. Sally admits what she did and feels very sorry. She deserves whatever Katie says to her. She admits that she did it because she couldn’t stand to lose Wyatt again to Flo. Katie asks if it was all planned, but Sally informs her that when she ran into her at the hospital, that was all by accident. She really was worried about her health at that point because of the symptoms she was having. After seeing how Katie cared about her, she realized she could get Wyatt to care for her, too. Katie feels like an idiot after being used by Sally. She yells at Sally for what she did, although she’s relieved that she’s not dying. Katie lays out all of the things she did for her and how she was manipulated. She says sarcastically that she hopes Sally is proud of herself. Sally says forlornly that she’s not proud at all — she’s deeply ashamed. She tells Katie how great of a friend she was and how badly she treated her. She tells her how sorry she is and hopes that one day she can forgive her. Katie suggests that she just take some time and get her life back on track. She advises her to first let go of her obsession with Wyatt.

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