GH Short Recap Friday, June 7, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Gio continues to remind Trina of Spencer and when he asks her why she and her boyfriend aren’t together anymore, she tells him he died and runs to the bathroom to cry.

Dex decides life is too short and asks Josslynn out on a date.

Jake and his friends, Gordon and Dale, arrive at the same bar where Finn is drinking with a woman. Jake and his friends get a beer with a fake ID but when Jake sees Finn leave. Jake goes to the hospital and tells Elizabeth that he and his friends saw Finn walking out of a dive bar and he was with a woman and it looked like he and the woman had been drinking. Elizabeth goes by Finn’s place after work and she sees Finn in bed with the woman.

Brook Lynn and Chase plan to have Violet stay at the Quartermaines Mansion while they have an intervention for Finn and persuade him to go to rehab.

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