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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Alex walked in on Theresa and Brady in bed together. Xander talked to Justin about Maggie and Konstantin’s wedding. Justin said he was officiating the wedding. Xander was surprised. Justin said the prenup will protect Maggie. Xander said a piece of paper wouldn’t put a stop to Konstantin. Bonnie and Sarah talked about Sarah’s wedding. Sarah said she knew Bonnie and Xander didn’t have the best relationship, but she wanted her to be there. Bonnie said she would be there. Sarah said she hoped Xander’s mother would be there too. She told Bonnie about Xander’s mother but was afraid to call her. Bonnie took the phone and called his mother. Steve talked to Ava about Clyde. John met with Konstantin at the Kiriakis mausoleum. Konstantin put the pawn card in front of John and handed him a gun. He told John to kill his wife. John said he knew what to do. He put the gun away. Maggie went to see Steve. She told him the money was Titan was transferred. Maggie said Konstantin thought he would get her money, but he would pay. John showed up and found out they had what they needed to get Konstantin arrested before the wedding. He said he was happy to hear that since Konstantin wanted him to kill Maggie when she married him. John said he taped the conversation, but he wasn’t sure if it was enough. Alex was upset to see Theresa in bed with Brady. When Alex was about to leave, Theresa told him to give her 30 minutes to an hour. Brady left the room. Theresa reminded Alex that he was with Kristen, so he didn’t have the right to be upset. Alex told her he and Kristen were over. He said Kristen made him see that he only wanted to be with Theresa. Theresa asked why he kept pushing her away. Alex said he had a feeling she was keeping something from him.

Konstantin went in the living room. Xander told him he wasn’t fit to marry Maggie. He said Konstantin was a big step down from Victor. Konstantin said he was in the dark about Victor. He said Victor hated Xander and thought he was nothing more than a gardener. Xander said that wasn’t true. Konstantin said Victor didn’t leave him anything in the will. Theresa told Alex that she wasn’t keeping anything from him. Alex said he believed her. He asked if she was going to keep seeing Brady. She thought about her conversation with Konstantin about scheming against Alex. Theresa told him she was with Brady to get back at him for being with Kristen. Alex said he understood why she did it. Theresa said she wanted to be with him. They decided to commit to each other. Alex left the room. Theresa said she had to do this if she wanted to be the Kiriakis heiress. Brady went back to Theresa’s room to find out if Alex was upset about her not wanting to be exclusive. Theresa told him she wanted a commitment with Alex. Brady was shocked and blamed himself for falling for her charms. She said it was best that they kept things simple for Tate and asked if they were cool. Brady said they were. He blamed himself for making the same mistake he swore he wouldn’t make. Brady left the room. Theresa told herself that she had to let him go. Sarah took the phone from Bonnie and left a message for Xander’s mother inviting her to the wedding. Everyone gathered in the living room for the wedding. Bonnie let Xander know that Sarah had to go to the hospital. She said they invited his mother to the wedding. He said he knew Sarah wanted it, but he was okay with never seeing her again. Justin told everyone to sit so the ceremony could begin. When Justin asked for the rings, he got an alert on his phone from Titan. He said money was missing from Victor’s trust which Konstantin was in charge of. Konstantin told Maggie that he was being framed. She said he was going to prison for embezzlement. When he realized Maggie and Justin were in on what happened he threatened to make them all pay. He took out the pawn card and told John to take out the gun. John took out the gun but raised it to Konstantin. Konstantin found out the original prenup was intact. Maggie yelled at him for taking advantage of her vulnerability over Victor’s death. Steve and John realized Konstantin was the one who had Victoria kidnapped. Xander threatened to kill Konstantin. Maggie wanted to know who was helping him. Theresa said it didn’t matter since he already admitted to what he did. Konstantin said they were all hypocrites. He said Victor wasn’t a saint and didn’t care that Catarina got caught in the crossfire of their war. Konstantin said he may not have been able to get revenge on them, but he did with Victor. He said he was caused Victor’s plane to crash.

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