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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Julie told Maggie that she didn’t want her to marry Konstantin. Maggie said the marriage was of convenience. Julie said she changed her mind because Konstantin must have hated Victor over his daughter’s death. Maggie said Konstantin wasn’t over his daughter’s death. Julie said she thought Konstantin was in Salem to get revenge and was going to use her to do it. Konstantin reminded Theresa about their plan of her marrying Alex. While they were talking, Konstantin reminded her that she was the one who wanted to change how Xander was Victor’s son. When they were talking, Brady showed up. Maggie told Julie that she understood her doubts, but Konstantin and Victor made amends. Julie didn’t believe they made amends. She couldn’t believe Maggie would be that naive to believe they made amends. When Maggie said she knew what she was doing, Julie wanted to know what she meant. Maggie didn’t tell her. Clyde told Chad he would be shooting an innocent man if he killed him. Harris told Chad not to let Clyde take him from his children. Chad said he would let Clyde live because he wanted to know how Abby was alive and where she was. Brady asked Theresa to tell him what she and Konstantin were talking about. When Theresa lied to him, Brady said he heard something about funds. Theresa and Konstantin talked about Maggie sharing Victor’s money. Konstantin left the room. Brady asked if Theresa had plans with Alex. Theresa said she didn’t because Alex planned to keep seeing Kristen.

Brady and Theresa talked about Alex and how he wanted to see Kristen. Theresa said she didn’t have to feel guilty about being with another man if Alex didn’t. Julie and Maggie talked about Chad risking his life to go after Clyde. While they were talking, Julie told Maggie about marrying Konstantin. Julie warned her to call off the wedding before it was too late. Konstantin showed up and wanted to know why Julie wanted Maggie to call off the wedding. Chad went to the motel and saw Lucas and Ava. When Ava left, Lucas wanted to know what was going on. Chad said Clyde said something about Abby. He said Clyde told him Abby was alive. Theresa kissed Brady. He wanted to know what she was doing. She told him Alex and Kristen were doing it so why couldn’t they do it. Theresa told him she wanted him. She wanted him to admit that he wanted her too. While Chad and Lucas were talking about Clyde’s claim that Abby was alive, Lucas thought Clyde was trying to save his neck by lying. Theresa tried to convince Brady to be with her. Ava showed up to check on Harris and Clyde. Harris told her Clyde was back in prison. Ava realized he was upset that she was going to kill Clyde. She said she wasn’t right, but she wasn’t going to apologize since he went after Tripp. Harris said she went too far. Ava wanted him to understand why she did what she did so they could get past it. Maggie told Julie that her marriage was none of her business. Konstantin said it was wrong to blame Victor for his daughter’s death. While he was talking, Konstantin told Maggie his Visa was expiring. He said he didn’t have a choice but to get married tomorrow. Julie told Maggie to think it through.

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