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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Nicole told Rafe that Sloan was at the mansion. She told him what happened between Sloan and EJ. When Rafe got off the phone, he called for an APB on Sloan. EJ went to Melinda to talk about Sloan. Ava put a gun on Clyde and was going to shoot him. Harris showed up to stop her, but she was determined to shoot Clyde. Nicole talked to Eric about Sloan taking her child for six months. She thought Sloan wanted her to get away with what she did. Eric told Nicole that Sloan wouldn’t get away with what she did. While they were talking, Nicole said Melinda was responsible. Eric was shocked that Melinda was in on it. Melinda asked EJ if Sloan was gone. She wanted to know why EJ was there since it didn’t have anything to do with her. EJ said with Sloan gone, Melinda was the only one who knew Jude was Eric’s son. Harris continued to talk Ava out of shooting Clyde, but Ava wanted to make him pay for what he did to her son. While Harris was talking to Ava, he convinced her to give him the gun. Harris put a gun to Clyde. Stefan ran into Rafe at the town square. He told Rafe that Melinda shut him down when he asked her about Gabi’s case. When Melinda pretended to not know that Jude was Eric’s son, EJ told her not to act like she didn’t know. EJ said he knew the truth. He wondered why she would risk her job to help Sloan. Melinda told him about Sloan’s miscarriage. She also told him about what happened to Sloan when the adoption fell through. Melinda explained why she helped Sloan with stealing Nicole’s baby. EJ didn’t care about her reason for helping Sloan. He ripped into Melinda for making Nicole suffer without her child. Melinda asked if Eric deserved to suffer. Nicole wondered why Melinda would risk her job to help Sloan. She said Melinda must have gotten something out of it. Eric didn’t know what Melinda gained by helping Sloan. Nicole told him she wasn’t the only one suffering. She told him that she thought about how she would handle Sloan. Nicole said her feelings weren’t a complicated as Eric’s since he loved her. Eric said it was hard to believe he ever loved Sloan.

Harris put handcuffs on Clyde. He told Ava to go back to the motel. When Ava left, Harris was about to arrest Clyde. Chad showed up with a gun. Harris tried to stop Chad from shooting Clyde, but Chad wanted to know the truth about Abby. Clyde told him he didn’t owe him anything. Chad asked if he intended to kill Abby. Stefan and Rafe talked about Melinda not helping Gabi. Rafe told Stefan that Melinda wouldn’t help him unless he helped her. Melinda called EJ out for keeping Eric from finding out the truth about Jude. She said he was keeping Eric in the dark because he thought he would keep Eric and Nicole from being together. EJ told Melinda that he and Nicole were a family. Melinda reminded EJ that he was going to let Sloan live a lie until he saw Eric and Nicole kiss. She ripped into him for not thinking about Jude. While she was talking, she told him about what she had to do for her daughter. Melinda asked if he thought about the fact that Jude was the son of a man he despised. She said Jude would look more like his real dad when he got older. Melinda wondered how EJ was going to raise Eric’s child. While Eric and Nicole talked about Jude’s name, he asked her to keep the name the same. Eric said he picked the name because of her. Nicole thought he picked the name because it was the baby he and Sloan lost. Eric said he was thinking of her when he named him. EJ told Melinda that the baby would want for nothing because he was a DiMera. Melinda said he would want the truth. EJ reminded her about keeping Nicole from her baby. He said if she kept her mouth shut, he would do the same. Stefan asked Rafe what kind of legal trouble Melinda was in. Rafe didn’t want to talk about it. Stefan wanted to know what the plan was. Rafe said they were going to do something. Stefan wanted to go to Paulina, but Rafe didn’t want to bother her with it. While they were talking, Stefan told him what Kristen wanted him to do to get Melinda to open the case. Rafe told him he appreciated what he was doing to keep Gabi safe. When Ava went back to the motel, Lucas told her that Goldman was arrested. Ava told him Harris showed up. Lucas brought up Chad and why he hated Clyde. Harris told Chad to let the police handle Clyde, but Chad didn’t want to. Chad asked if Clyde wanted to kill Belle. Clyde said he did. Chad said he was looking for Abby for investigating his drug cartel. He reminded Clyde that he stabbed Abby. Chad said she was alive the night he found her. He said he failed to protect her, but he could avenge her death. Melinda told EJ that she was motivated to keep quiet for now. She reminded him that he had to help her if she needed a favor. EJ said he would do whatever she wanted. Nicole told Eric he could spend as much time as he wanted with Jude. Eric said he didn’t think EJ would go for it. Stefan asked Rafe about the plan to get Gabi’s case open. Rafe said there was a lot of evidence against Clyde. He said it was likely that he knew Gil killed Li. Stefan wondered if Clyde would talk. Clyde told Chad Abby wasn’t killed over drug money. He said it was more than that. Clyde said Abby got more than she deserved. Chad said he shouldn’t have hesitated to put a bullet in his head. When Chad wanted to pull the trigger, Harris told him not to. Clyde told him to do it. Harris told Chad to think it through. Chad to Clyde that he would end him so no one would go through what he went through. Clyde told Chad he didn’t kill Abby.

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