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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Melinda was shocked when Rafe decided to arrest her. He told her that she lied to him about Jude and that she was involved in what happened to Jude. Melinda scoffed at him until he told her that he found out the truth from Eric. She explained that the help she provided for Sloan was under client/attorney privilege. Rafe told her that she was going with him to get booked. She tried to stop him, but he told her that she was criminal. Rafe let her know that she would be punished. Melinda had a card up her sleeve. She told him that she could help Gabi. He froze where he stood. Rafe wondered what that had to do with Gabi. She told him about the new evidence about Gil and Gabi. Melinda informed him that she had the book. She knew he wouldn’t want anything to happen to the book. He couldn’t believe she was blackmailing the commissioner. Melinda said even if she knew about the kidnapping, Sloan was the one who kidnapped Jude. If he ever wanted Gabi out of prison, he would tell people that she wasn’t near the baby. Leo couldn’t believe EJ wanted to keep the truth about Jude a secret. He wondered why he paid him so much money. EJ decided to come clean with Leo. He said he didn’t want Nicole to find out the truth about Jude until he was certain about him. He didn’t want her to get her hopes up. Leo didn’t believe him. He wondered why EJ would pay him to keep quiet and not ask him about the truth. EJ said Leo always tells things so the money was insurance. He left with Jude. Nicole wanted to call the cops on Sloan. She was about to run out when Eric showed up at the mansion. Eric demanded to know why Sloan was at the mansion. Nicole told him that Sloan wanted to call a truce, but she didn’t want to do that. She called Rafe and left a message for him to arrest Sloan. Eric told Sloan that she would pay for what she did. Sloan said there wasn’t a worse punishment than losing him. She wanted Eric to forgive her. Sloan told him that she did what she did out of love. Eric went ballistic when she said that. She said that wasn’t the entire story. Sloan flashed back to her conversation with EJ. EJ arrived home and wondered why Sloan was there.

Nicole told EJ that Sloan was there to apologize and said there was more to the story. EJ escorted Sloan out of the mansion. He demanded that Eric stay and get Nicole ice for her hand. Sloan told Eric that she loved him. EJ and Sloan went outside and reminded her they had a deal. He paid a lot of money for her to disappear. EJ warned to make her life miserable if she said anything to Eric. Sloan didn’t want to live in fear. She thought she could convince Nicole to forgive her and understand what she did. He warned her to take the money and disappear. Eric told Nicole that Melinda was involved in the kidnapping. They talked about Jude and he admitted that it was hard to be around Jude. He wanted to catch up to EJ to make sure Sloan was taken care of. Stefan and Kristen talked about Melinda screwing him when he wanted to reopen Gabi’s case. They needed more evidence for Gabi’s case. Stefan said Kristen had to figure out how to get Melinda to play fast ball if she wanted the DiMera CEO position. She suggested that Stefan seduce her to get her to talk. He hated the plan. Kristen reminded him that his passion for Gabi didn’t stop him from sleeping with Ava. He tried to deny it, but she didn’t buy it. She told him that Ava told her the truth. Roman and Kate talked about what happened to Eric. He was devastated that Eric got hurt like that. Leo walked in the pub and Roman wasn’t happy about it. Leo wasn’t sure what he did wrong so Roman told him. He let Leo know that he wasn’t welcomed there because he kept the truth about Jude from everyone. Kate wondered if he stole the baby. He denied stealing the baby. Leo told him that Sloan was a liar and that no one could believe what she says about him. He walked out of the pub. Melinda told Rafe that he could arrest her if he wanted to do it, but he wouldn’t get what he wanted. She hoped Gabi would understand he was more concerned about her than he was about getting his sister out of prison. Rafe hesitated, but he agreed to her terms. He warned her to keep her word, or he would lock her up for good. Eric found EJ on the ground alone. He woke him up and EJ told him that Sloan hit him over the head. EJ sent Eric in the opposite direction to look for Sloan. Sloan approached EJ and thanked him. He told her to leave and never come back.

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