GH Short Recap Thursday, June 6, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Gio tells Josslynn and Trina he will be going to PCU on a music scholarship and he will be living at the Quartermaime mansion. Trina asks Gio if he would play violin for the latest gallery exhibition and he accepts the job because he wants to make extra money this summer. Trina tells Josslynn that for a few seconds when she saw Gio get out of the pool she thought he was Spencer.

Kristina apologizes to Blaze for their argument and tells her that her latest song is beautiful.

Finn continues to drink alone at home as he remembers Gregory.

Finn calls to find his usual AA meeting but it is cancelled because the church where the meeting is held has to do some repairs. Finn goes to a bar and drinks tequila shots.

Brook Lynn and Chase worry about Finn’s drinking and try to figure out a way to help him. Brook Lynn worries how Finn’s drinking may affect Violet.

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