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Recap written by Eva

This episode is all about Ashley working with Alan to try and remember what happened that night with Alan’s twin brother Martin that caused her so much trauma she created alters to protect her.

Alan suggests that Ashley try hypnosis to try and remember what happened that night. Ashley remembers she met Martin at the bar and they had a glass of wine and talked about her argument with Tucker. Martin tells Ashley that he wants her to go to his apartment to look at a new painting that he just bought.

Ashley decides to go to Alan’s apartment to see if she can have more memories. Alan, Ashley, and Traci arrive at Alan’s apartment where Alan hypnotized Ashley again even though Traci thinks she should stop to rest. Ashley hears a chime on her phone and sees Tucker called. Ashley hears his message about seeing Alan on the street and Alan didn’t recognize him. Ashley calls Tucker back and he tells her he has seen Alan on the street twice and he didn’t recognize him at all. Tucker asks Ashley if she needs help. Ashley tells Tucker she is fine and hangs up the phone. Tucker can’t shake the feeling that Ashley needs help and keeps thinking about the phone conversation that he just had with Ashley. Ashley tells Alan and Traci that Alan is in Paris.

Ashley is more determined than ever to remember what happened, so she tells Traci to go make some coffee while she gets hypnotized again. Ashley fights to keep control as Ms. Abbott tries to come out and protect her. Alan hypnotizes Ashley again and she remembers that Martin wanted her to recreate the fight with Tucker and he would play the role of Tucker so she could tell Tucker what she wanted to say when they had the argument. Ashley remembers that Martin was the one who was violent with her, not Tucker, and must have confused Tucker and Martin in her mind. Alan is happy that he was able to figure things out and that he was able to beat his brother.

Ashley is confused but then she realizes she is talking to Martin not Alan.

Ashley tries to get away, but Martin grabs her and puts his hand over her mouth.

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