Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, June 5, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Devon tells Aunt Mamie that if she is really serious only wanting to unite the family she will sell her stake in Chancellor-Winters to him so all the office tension will stop.

Billy tells Lily that Jill has a problem with her heart and that is why he feels like he needs to put the Abbott name on the company to honor her contribution to the company. Billy asks Lily not to tell anyone about Jill’s illness. Billy asks Lily to help him persuade Devon and the board to add the Abbott name to the company. Chelsea tells Billy that he should concentrate on spending time with Jill and not worry so much about putting the Abbott name on the company.

Adam and Chelsea are heartbroken when Connor cancels a visit with them at the last minute because OCD made him think he didn’t deserve to be happy because his parents were going to visit him. The thoughts Connor was having made him punch himself in the face. Connor stopped himself before he hurt himself any further and asked a nurse to help him. Connor’s doctor thinks it’s a good sign that Connor was able to stop his OCD behavior. Adam and Chelsea can’t stand to think that their son is in so much pain that he would punch himself in the face. Adam and Chelsea wonder if this treatment is going to help Connor’s OCD.

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